Another study: Great Lakes offshore wind is still OK

A new study by Grand Valley State University may remind you of an old study by Grand Valley State University. The new one is on the impacts of offshore wind. The conclusion: Not as bad as people might think. The old study: Same bottom line. But will it change minds?

Analyst: 65,000 megawatts of coal likely retired by 2017

We’ve seen a handful of headlines from around the Midwest lately about utilities retiring coal-fired power plants rather than pay for upgrades to comply with new EPA pollution regulations. These stories aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, according to at least one energy analyst.

Dropping sunspots! Lunar eclipses! Oh, my!

Today’s big news is all about the great big sky. Not that it’s falling, but for some alarmists and reactionaries, it might as well be. That’s because the big science news on Wednesday was that there’s a serious halt to sunspot activity, which might potentially impact the world’s climate and climate-change initiatives, including renewable energy projects.

Ethanol subsidies: A uniter among Midwest rivals?

Senate Democrats and Republicans agree on little these days, save for the fact that the sun rises and sets. (Although where it rises and sets still might be up for debate.) However, a group of Midwest senators agree on one thing: Subsidies for ethanol should be extended.

Signed, fracked over in the Midwest

It’s not easy being sand these days–or a riverbed or prairie land or a forest. That’s because new oil-sand processing and natural-gas fracking facilities are popping up like weeds in Canada and the Midwest, resulting in destruction of the land and serious environmental concerns.

Oil sands on The Daily Show

The oil sands isn’t a common topic in American media, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me that The Daily Show sent Wyatt Cenac to Alberta to do a segment on Canadian oil production.