Documentary: ‘Petcoke: Toxic waste in the Windy City’

VICE News has produced this 15-minute documentary on the controversy over storing petroleum coke on the banks of Chicago’s Calumet River.

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2 thoughts on “Documentary: ‘Petcoke: Toxic waste in the Windy City’

  1. Chicago has had this pollution problem for decades. My Uncle Ralph had soot on windowsills in their apartment and then later when they lived in Oak Lawn. The grass made your feet black if you walked barefoot. About time somebody realized that is a real problem. If you can’t get the stuff off your hands without washing them, just think what it does to your lungs. Companies need to be held responsible for their part in all this pollution and the harm it is doing to the people who live in Chicago. Good documentary on the subject.

  2. Companies are meeting demand for electricity and transportation fuels. Most people don’t think about where their energy comes from. Society lets this happen in neighborhoods across the planet. If you get on a plane, drive a car, flip a light switch or turn on a computer, your part of the problem (in most places across the planet). The big money is invested in fossil fuel mineral rights. To monetize mineral rights owners have to extract the fossil fuels and sell them for burning. We don’t want to fight overseas to secure petroleum and Canada has the oil sands. Reduce the demand for petroleum and you can eliminate this problem. How is the big question. This maybe one way;
    An Oberlin College Grad. was the first person to fission Thorium in 1942