Q&A: A slow shift toward rewarding utilities for performance

As the director of strategy for Energy Innovation, an energy and environmental policy firm in San Francisco, Sonia Aggarwal leads the firm’s work on transformation of the energy sector and energy policy solutions. In 2012, she spearheaded the creation of America’s Power Plan, Energy Innovation’s platform for innovative thinking on policy solutions for clean, reliable, affordable electric power in the U.S. She’s also one of the country’s leading thinkers on performance-based utility regulation. Aggarwal, who will speak at the Midwest Energy Conference in St. Louis on Oct. 4-5, recently shared some of her thoughts on the issue with Midwest Energy News.


Ratepayer advocates question cost of Kansas efficiency program

A Kansas City-based utility has proposed a new set of energy efficiency programs that could bring substantial energy-saving benefits to the majority of electric customers in Kansas. However, consumer advocates say the program will not be worth the cost, while clean-energy supporters say the utility could go further with its plan.