Commentary: While Xcel slow-walks on solar, customers can’t wait

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently reported that a developer is considering a lawsuit against Xcel Energy for stalling progress of community solar in Minnesota. “Stall” is generous. In fact, Xcel has obstructed the roll-out of community solar in a deliberate slow walk. It’s been 27 months since the law took effect, but the utility’s own resource plan says it expects just 1 in 7 completed community solar applications (about 40 megawatts) to reach commercial operation after another 15 months, when the 30 percent federal solar tax credit expires. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has been outplayed by the utility’s stall tactics, detailed below.

Commentary: Minnesota’s ‘Best of the Above’ and the Clean Power Plan

Minnesota’s bipartisan clean energy framework has served the state exceptionally well. To paraphrase Governor Pawlenty, Minnesota’s clean energy policy is a “win-win-win-win” — good for customers, good for the state economy, good for our air and water resources, and good for Minnesota’s energy independence.