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Obama’s second term energy agenda takes shape

OBAMA: The president’s energy agenda for his second term is likely to be much like the first, except with a stronger emphasis on climate change. (Associated Press)

KEYSTONE XL: A new report says the potential emissions connected to Keystone XL are underestimated, another projects $580 million in economic impact for Nebraska. (Washington Post)

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TRANSPORTATION: While electric vehicles grab headlines, the auto industry is also working to dramatically improve the efficiency of gasoline engines; Ford introduces a new plug-in hybrid to compete with the Chevy Volt, and ACEEE announces its ranking of the greenest cars of 2012. (Midwest Energy News, Detroit Free Press, Green Car Reports)

NUCLEAR: A proposed expansion of the Fermi nuclear plant in Michigan passes a key regulatory hurdle. (Detroit Free Press)

CLIMATE: A report released earlier this week finds that soot is a far stronger agent of climate change than previously thought, second only to carbon dioxide. (New York Times)

COAL: Federal regulators issue new safety rules intended to prevent coal mining disasters like the Upper Big Branch explosion that killed 29 workers in 2010. (Associated Press)

FRAC SAND: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the state DNR plans to have a specialist on staff to help frac sand mining companies work through the state regulatory process. (Voice of Wisconsin Rapids)

OIL: Enbridge says its pipeline system has been underutilized recently as more oil is shipped out of North Dakota by rail. (Bloomberg)

TRANSMISSION: American Transmission plans a new 25-mile power line in Wisconsin. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

BIOFUELS: The cellulosic biofuel industry expects to see “a hockey stick curve in terms of production over the next few years.” (Des Moines Register)

COMMENTARY: Why solar panels make better use of the sun’s energy than biofuel production, and a scorecard for energy efficiency shows why we need to invest more. (CleanTechnica, Grist)


2 thoughts on “Obama’s second term energy agenda takes shape

  1. Re: solar vs. biofuel (Commnetary), when one “green technology” tries to promote itself by tearing down another, all it does is make the defenders of the staus quo smile and gets us nowhere.

    Stop it.

  2. I hope Obama will keep his promise because the influence of the biggest companies can be seen in practically all areas and the protection of the environment is completely neglected. The activists should be encouraged by the government in their fight against the threats that are more and more visible. For example the reduction of carbon emissions is one of the most important issues within the so-called Greenest City 2020 Action Plan introduced in my native Vancouver whose aim is to eliminate the negative impact that our actions have on the environment. I’m convinced if all of us contribute to that common goal by our own efforts the first positive signals will be seen even in the short term. However, I’m afraid these efforts can easily be thwarted by such crazy plans as the Keystone pipeline or other projects posing serious threats to the environment.