A group of clergy and others pose with a cut-out of Pope Francis against the backdrop of Lake Erie at the World Day of Prayer event organized by Communities United for Responsible Energy.

Ohio citizens rally and pray for clean, safe energy

Members of environmental advocacy groups rallied, protested and prayed about energy-related issues at three independent events in Ohio this week. The gatherings reflect a continuing concern by groups about safe, clean energy and highlight the importance of community organizing for advocacy groups.

Solar array at the Toledo Zoo. SB 310 has jeopardized future solar developments.

Ohio’s green energy companies look to greener pastures

In 2014, Ohio Senate Bill 310 temporarily rolled back renewable and energy efficiency standards. On its heels, state House Bill 483 significantly increased the property setback for wind turbines, thus increasing project costs. Now clean energy business executives and advocates say that money is flowing out of Ohio at a rapid rate as renewable energy companies look to greener pastures for their products and services.