Another blow to Midwest CO2 pipeline

We recently updated you on the progress (or, more specifically, the lack of progress) on Denbury’s proposed Midwest carbon dioxide pipeline. The pipeline project is at the center of a sprawling tangle of coal plants in Indiana and Illinois.

Last week, Indiana lawmakers dealt the project another, potentially fatal, setback – by rejecting a bill that would have allowed Denbury to use eminent domain to secure the pipeline’s route through the state.

Without the pipeline, there’s nowhere to pump the carbon dioxide from a proposed $2.6 billion coal gasification plant, putting that project in jeopardy as well.

Another contentious coal plant, Tenaska’s Taylorville Energy Center in Illinois, is tied to the pipeline project. That plant is in question after state senators twice rejected a bill that would have required state utilities to buy power from the project.

One thought on “Another blow to Midwest CO2 pipeline

  1. I think that the legislatures of the midwest states are waking up and realizing the impacts of some recently proposed legislations. First in Illinois with the Tenaska bill and its horrible financials. Now with the Indiana bill seeking eminent domain throughout the entire state. Wow, will these corporations ever learn. Taxpayers, rate payers, and landowners are standing united against you and your unfair practices.