Americans blame climate change, not God, for storms

A new survey finds Americans are more likely to attribute increasing severity of natural disasters to climate change, rather than a wrathful God.

The Public Religion Research Institute surveyed 1,000 people in March. The poll found that:

  • 56% say God is in control of everything that happens in the world
  • 38% say recent natural disasters are a sign from God
  • 44% say recent natural disasters are proof that we’re entering the “end times”
  • 58% say severity of natural disasters is evidence of global warming
  • PRRI says, not surprisingly, that white Evangelicals and Republicans are a departure from this pattern.

    Climate scientists have long warned that increased heat and moisture in the atmosphere will lead to more severe weather. And recently, scientists have developed methodology that quantifies the role of global warming in isolated weather events.

    The findings are particularly interesting given recent polls finding declining concern about climate change among Americans.

    (h/t Denver Post, via Politico’s Morning Energy)

    Photo by Peter Baer via Creative Commons

    One thought on “Americans blame climate change, not God, for storms

    1. I have news for you, Dearies. God does not care in the slightest what your opinions are about Him. His truth is not concerned with the world you believe you see, but rather in how you see it. The world has always been a separation from the truth in God, who made your Holy mind. That is His One Creation. You are not an effect of the world, but rather it’s cause. God may work in your mind to change what you see in the world, and in yourself, but the entire universe is a natural force, beyond your conception, and my own.
      What you make of it is and always has been your responsibility and not God’s. God does exist, because I say He does, for me and any who choose to see Him. If you do not, that is OK, but it doesn’t change anything. God does not instruct, or judge, or condemn or oppose. That is the purview of men and women who do not see at all. Many, perhaps most, do not understand this.
      Each of us has a biodynamic computer called mind, and we must choose the OS for sorting the thoughts that computer accepts into itself. The choices are limited to two. Love or fear. Fearful thought systems close off and separate and believe in individuality and see yourself as a body alone. Fear’s opposite is Love. Love is all encompassing and has no opposite. But you may fear it if your thought system requires it. You may not believe what I’ve written. That is OK. Catch you on the flipper.