Oil sands on The Daily Show

Not many people realize that most of America’s imported oil comes from Canada, and the majority of that from the oil sands of Alberta. While the Canadian press provides fairly comprehensive coverage of this key oil source, it’s not a topic that comes up often in the American media.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to me that The Daily Show sent Wyatt Cenac to Alberta to do a segment on Canadian oil production:

Some might question the fact that the piece completely ignores the environmental and climate impact of oil sands production. In fact, it’s really just a vehicle for making fun of Canadians’ easygoing demeanor and enthusiasm for hockey (perhaps the lowest-hanging fruit you’ll find in the comedy world).

But it’s also worth a reminder – The Daily Show is a comedy program, not a news source.

3 thoughts on “Oil sands on The Daily Show

  1. I believe that continued use of fossil fuels at the present rate endangers the entire planet. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now at 390 parts per million and steadily climbing. We need to take steps to reduce that level to 350 ppm or less. We have a moral imperative to do this.

  2. I’m sorry but the simple fact that you are knocking them for not talking about the dangers of oil is just ridiculous. NO ONE talks about how oil impacts our planet and our lives, how much cancer it causes, how it ruins the environment, etc. Most “news programs” only talk about the high prices and what that means for commuters instead of talking about how to reduce our consumption. The daily show is a comedy show. What they do is show how hypocritical most politicians and news programs are and how they make big deals out of nothing while ignoring the important things.

  3. Tania, we’re sort of making the same point. I was pre-empting any temptation some of my readers might have to hold the Daily Show to a higher standard than the news media. Apologies for not being more clear.
    But really, they could have done a lot better than hockey and Tim Horton’s jokes. That’s about as provocative as a Jay Leno monologue. The Daily Show is at its best when it uses humor to draw attention to important issues, so this was sort of a missed opportunity.