Live webcast of Goodhue Wind hearing

This morning, we’re hosing a live webcast of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission hearing on the Goodhue Wind project.

This is a bit of an experiment, the first of what we hope will be many collaborations with The UpTake, a Twin Cities-based citizen journalism operation.

The hearing itself marks a pivotal juncture for what has been a highly controversial wind siting debate. In a nutshell, the PUC will (hopefully) decide whether or not to apply a restrictive local siting ordinance, which would effectively kill the project.

While a decision is expected, it’s not necessarily guaranteed. And even if the regulators rule in favor of the project, opponents still have several additional avenues to fight it from. But regardless of the outcome, reporter Dan Haugen will be on site to sort it all out.

Also, you can follow along on Twitter, using the hashtag #goodhuewind.

Watch live streaming video from theuptake2 at

One thought on “Live webcast of Goodhue Wind hearing

  1. AWA Goodhue Wind has made a mockery of the C-Bed program. It meets none of the three requirements of Minnesota C-Bed projects. AWA Goodhue does not have avalid C-Bed resolution of Support for their Project from Goodhue County, fiftyone percent of the benefits from doing this project will not flow to Minnesota entities, no single entity may own more than 15 percent of a Minnesota C-Bed project. Mesa Power which is T Boone Pickens owns 99% or more of AWA Goodhue. Most of the C-bed benefit will flow directly to T Boone Pickens, and these benefits will come at thexpense of Minnesota rate payers.