Bachmann: Energy ‘most easy problem’ to solve

From a report in the Des Moines Register:

Energy is “the most easy problem for America to solve,” [Rep. Michele] Bachmann said during her stop at the Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor & Museum in Le Mars.

“We have 25 percent of the world’s coal here. Trillions of cubic square feet of natural gas here. We just built one of the world’s largest lines of natural gas here,” she said. “We have got more oil in three Western states in shale oil than all of Saudi Arabia. Did you hear that on your local nightly news? Are you kidding? We’ve got it. I say let’s go get it.”

Will “Lets Go Get It” become the new “Drill, Baby, Drill”?

3 thoughts on “Bachmann: Energy ‘most easy problem’ to solve

  1. I wished she had said “There are cleaner, more sustainable energy sources out there. I say let’s go get them.”

  2. We don’t have a problem with getting just any-old energy, we have a problem communicating the value of clean energy and the pollution and health costs of fossil energy.