The Daily Show and the War on Science

Most readers of this site are probably aware of the recent skeptic-funded Berkeley study that confirmed, once again, that the earth is warming. And most are probably aware that this study received practically zero media attention.

What story could possibly be more important? Watch:

But that’s not the best part. The Daily Show takes it a step further, with this spot-on mockery of conservative demonization of scientists:

Aasif Mandvi’s interview with GOP strategist Noelli Nikpour defies parody.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show and the War on Science

  1. Did the Berkeley study have
    “practically Zero media attention”? I came across the study in scanning Google’s Science News. The study has been reported by several media outlets.

  2. I’m exaggerating a bit. But compared to the hysteria over “Climategate,” the Berkeley study was barely a blip on the radar.