A Q&A about the new Midwest Energy News

What’s new? We’ve revamped the home page to emphasize our original journalism. The aggregated report will be collected into a single post, which will be linked in the upper right and updated each weekday morning. The “Highwire” blog is going away, instead all new content — news stories, blog posts, opinion pieces — will be posted to the home page.

Why? The analytics showed us that as our editorial mission evolved, our original layout was no longer as effective as it could be. We track the number of clickthroughs on each link we post, and the majority of those clicks now come from our daily email digest. Meanwhile, traffic to our original reporting was limited in part because it was hard to find and tended to rotate off the homepage after a day or two.

Will I still get my daily email? Yes! In fact, by avoiding the duplication of labor involved with posting headlines to the homepage, the email digest now comes out at 8 a.m. (CT). The contents of the daily email will be posted to the website shortly thereafter.

But I liked the old version better! Anytime you change a website, it’s not going to be well-received by everyone. Please be assured that these are data-driven changes intended to streamline the user experience and make better use of our limited staffing resources. That said, we welcome any and all feedback – please contact me at paulman@midwestenergynews.com with any questions, suggestions or concerns.

2 thoughts on “A Q&A about the new Midwest Energy News

  1. Well I can’t speak for anybody but myself, however you’ve made it hard to find what I used to enjoy – including, but by no means limited to, actual links, which are now nearly indistinguishable due to typography choices from your web designer(s).

    At first glance it’s much harder to either locate or identify what’s new today (except your story about yourself, of course, no trouble finding that.) I don’t come here looking for a reminder what happened on June 15th, or June 4th, or May 1st.

    I’m going to reserve judgement, I’m sure you thought it was important, but my initial reaction is “boy, am I glad I resisted the urge to donate.”

  2. Making the links easier to read is on the developers’ to-do list this morning.