Video: How a wind farm helped transform an Ohio town

Residents of Van Wert, Ohio discuss how a wind project turned their town’s economic prospects around.

(Editor’s note – the Ohio Environmental Council is a member of RE-AMP, which publishes Midwest Energy News)

One thought on “Video: How a wind farm helped transform an Ohio town

  1. The 2014 legislation referred to in the video on Van Wert County is Ohio HB 483. The provision was a last-minute addition before the Ohio Senate voted on the bill. More detail is available at . Gov. Kasich signed HB 483 into law just days after he signed SB 310, which puts a two-year freeze on and also substantially modifies Ohio’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. The Energy Mandates Study Committee set up under SB 310 began holding hearings in November to determine those standards’ possible fate for the future. For more detail on that committee, see .